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Do you have a fiber optic network requirement? Complete this Request for Proposal now!

Are you an Enterprise, Education, or Government Entity with a fiber optic network requirement? Do you need a fiber lateral, or ring built to connect you to the Allied Fiber system and, or another network interconnection point? The DFC has created the DFC Lateral Builder's List. This List... Read More »

Thanks to All that have responded to our Lateral Construction Builders Survey!

We have received numerous responses so far and look forward to continuing to help organize the entire fiber lateral process. If you are a fiber lateral builder and you have not done so already, please complete the survey to be added to the DFC Builder Database. The next step is for the DFC to... Read More »

Why Every DFC Member Should Leverage Social Media

A Dark Fiber Community (DFC) membership comes with a number of great benefits including a member profile, a professional sponsorship program and access to our media partners. But most importantly it provides a place for members to connect with important players in the industry, a core value of the... Read More »

Attention Lateral Construction Builders - Complete this Survey

Join the Lateral Construction Builders Database There are numerous lateral construction opportunities being identified in multiple states as organizations of all kinds are looking for dark fiber network construction assistance. Please complete this survey to be entered in to the DFC Lateral... Read More »

A Consideration for Investing in Rural America

If you’ve ever flown from the east coast of the United States to the west coast, or vice versa, then you’re accustomed to the relatively uneventful view of Middle America from 30,000 feet. As you look through the window from your seat on the plane, you begin to realize why this part of the... Read More »


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October 28, 2016 — Customers can now benefit from the industry leading performance and route diversity of Hibernia Networks' full suite of Optical,... Learn More

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5 Scariest Dark Fiber Deployment Mistakes | Dark fiber is known to provide bandwidth scalability, flexibility, security, and of course network control. At Vertex Innovations, we’ve seen a rise in Read More »

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