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2020 Vision | LightReading's Executive Summit

December 8 - 11 2015

Everyone in the CSP business understands that their world is on the cusp of dramatic, inevitable and irreversible change. The huge challenge now is to get to grips with those change agents – which include New IP developments such as open source technologies, virtualization and white box deployments – and use them to build and launch innovative and profitable new applications and services before their last-generation networks and business models are rendered completely obsolete.

It’s a time of huge opportunity, but also one of huge risks, and the history of our industry shows us that for every giant leap forward taken by one company, another will stumble; for every winner, there will be a loser – or two, or three.

This year’s second annual 2020 Vision Executive Summit is focused directly on cutting through the blue-sky platitudes about change to identify the specific actions that CSPs must take now to ensure their survival into the next decade. And we’ll do this by working directly with the leading minds of our industry to formulate successful business and technology strategies through the end of the decade.

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