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Mobile Network Security Strategies

December 3, 2014

Issues at the level of the end user, the device, and the application tend to feature most prominently at mobile security conferences – largely because security researchers find it relatively easy to access these parts of the value chain.

By contrast, Light Reading’s Third Annual “Mobile Network Security Strategies” conference, supported by CTIA, will focus once again on how mobile network operators are already leveraging the power of the network infrastructure to protect their assets and subscriber experiences – and how the security architecture and different network security applications within it must evolve to keep pace with the rapidly changing security threat landscape.

Mobile operators in the United States have a relatively good track record in keeping malware away from mobile subscribers but that’s a result of substantial network investments rather than good luck. Meanwhile the U.S tends to be at the forefront of receiving the most sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats that attackers come up with. America’s mobile operators have no choice but to stay ahead of these or risk substantial impacts on network resource consumption, network performance, and network uptime.

Carrier keynotes, Heavy Reading research, vendor perspectives, and panel discussions will address incidents of different attack types and how mobile carriers are protecting against them. They will explore the vulnerabilities of established protocols, as well as new mobile network interfaces, and the strong case for investing in network security — not just as a means of protecting traditional revenue, but also as a positive enabler and differentiator for capturing the promise of brand new business models in the LTE-driven mobile broadband era.

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