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Fibre Centre Launches New Carrier Hotel and Data Center in Moncton, New-Brunswick

Fibre Centre to create new, 3-way network junction in Moncton linking submarine as well as terrestrial dark fiber assets facilitating domestic and international direct network interconnection capabilities

Moncton, February 6, 2015: Fibre Centre is the first network-neutral colocation and network interconnection facility providing a 3-way network junction point linking submarine and terrestrial dark fiber assets in Atlantic Canada. Located in Moncton, known as the hub of Atlantic Canada, Fibre Centre owns and operates the carrier hotel, Meet Me Room and data centre at 770 St George Blvd. Fibre Centre facilitates direct fibre "cross connects" between disparate networks that extend both domestically and internationally between the major cities of Canada, the United States and Europe providing interconnectivity with a wide array of carriers, networks, and application & service providers.

“Fibre Centre is neutral meet-point for networks of all kinds,” said Hunter Newby, Co-Founder, Fibre Centre. "We are not a carrier, or network operator ourselves, but rather own the building, known as a carrier hotel, and provide the managed real estate environment, known as a Meet Me Room as well as data centre space, where all networks can colocate and openly interconnect with each other."

Fibre Centre levels the playing field between large and small enterprises by providing direct access to multiple domestic and international carrier, service provider and content networks at highly cost-effective rates only previously enjoyed by companies with their own proprietary networks or the budgets to absorb the costs of accessing them.

“With the creation of Fibre Centre, Moncton now has a physical access point to the mass of fibre optic networks that pass through, but heretofore have not actually been able to directly interconnect with each other here,” stated louri Litvinenko, Co-Founder, Fibre Centre. "Facilities such as these have proven to breed economic development globally and we expect nothing less here."

Having a physical presence in Fibre Centre offers flexible, affordable options to access markets previously unreachable by SMEs and opens up a wholesale market to all carriers that was previously un-addressable.

Fibre Centre clients represent all network operator types including; carriers, government, academic and health sciences institutions and small, medium and large sized enterprise customers. “This is a game changer for the community and we now have infrastructure that connects us to the world.” said the Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc “We are now positioning ourselves as the hub of data and this builds our brand that Greater Moncton is becoming an intelligent community.”

Neutral colocation facilities have seen prices that are 25% - 90% less than traditional services because of the competitive environment and ability to deliver services locally versus other major markets such as Toronto, New York and London.

TSi Auto Solutions Inc. (TSi), a data collection company that delivers real-time financial and non-financial data analysis applications and solutions through its Data Information Network™, recently announced that it has merged with technology solutions provider Tech Knowledge Solutions Inc. (TKS) as part of TSi's global expansion strategy. “As we move into the next stage in the evolution of both organizations into worldwide solutions providers, we require world class fibre network and infrastructure partners and we are excited to see one such partner - Fibre Centre - building their business locally here in the Province of New Brunswick.” said Sean Cook, Vice President Global Operations, TSiAuto Solutions.

The Fibre Centre will allow IT and ICT companies to better export their services and effectively compete on the global arena. Most importantly, it will allow local ICT companies to stay and grow in Atlantic Canada, as well as attract customers and other ICT companies into the region. "NB Power welcomes the creation of a new industry brimming with potential for our ICT/IT communities and accelerating the growth of the New Brunswick economy,” said Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of NB Power. “We’re looking to support this new industry with a competitive rate structure that will draw new businesses to the province and we’re excited for any spin-off opportunities for our smart grid such as new ITC-enabled products and new consumer and big data applications."‎

Fibre Center was created to provide an important and strategic access point to numerous fiber-based submarine and terrestrial carrier networks that pass not only through Greater Moncton but also through the Province of New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. "Fibre Centre is providing the kind of strategic infrastructure New Brunswick needs to create jobs and become a smart province," said Premier Brian Gallant. "Innovation and investments like this will help improve our fiscal situation and create the conditions for economic growth and job creation."

“We are delighted with the grand opening of the Fibre Centre, as this facility will act as a catalyst to enhance economic growth in Greater Moncton for the many years to come. This project is a major addition to the list of strategic advantages that Greater Moncton now has to offer in order to attract investment and to help local existing businesses become even more competitive in today’s global economy’, said Jim Lockyer, Chair of 3+.

The One Region – One Vision Flag will proudly rise again in Dieppe, Moncton, Riverview and at the Fibre Centre celebrating this grand opening and future job creations for our region.


Media contact: Lyne Falardeau

Tel: (506) 858-9550

Cel: (506) 961-1856


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