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The Dark Fiber Community Launches New Industry Social Media Website

The Dark Fiber Community Launches New Industry Social Media Website

For Companies Serving Communications Network Infrastructure Development

NEW YORK, NY (November 19, 2014) – The Dark Fiber Community (DFC), the industry social media site for communications network infrastructure development, today announces that it has launched its new and significantly improved interactive website. The DFC is introducing numerous new features that allow its members and users to gain market intelligence and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Originally launched in 2010, the Dark Fiber Community’s mission is to give companies the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Companies use the Dark Fiber Community to increase their brand awareness, create and find business opportunities and to stay connected with what their peers and competitors in the industry are doing.

Each member profile includes a display of the company’s logo, company description, contact information, and the option to include market information, such as press releases, videos, social media handles and to list their upcoming events. Members can link their social media handles to their profiles to acquire new followers, develop conversations, mentions and to easily interact and share information with customers and partners.

With the DFC’s searchable content features, users can easily locate current information based on key search terms, such as company name, category, sub-category, media coverage, industry mentions, events, photos, products and services, and individuals. The DFC Event calendar feature allows members to view a listing of upcoming industry conferences, events, meetings and conventions where Members have additional opportunities for media coverage and brand awareness. Members and users can click on any event in the calendar to view details and gain access to free, discounted and, or special access passes for select events.

“The Dark Fiber Community empowers brands by facilitating social interactions and business transactions amongst the companies and people that support and require communications network infrastructure development,” said Lauren Sauer, Director of Marketing for Allied Fiber and the Dark Fiber Community. “The DFC has more than 200 members in 14 categories and 53 sub-categories and counting. We look forward to providing our growing membership base with access to current information, networking and business opportunities.”

“The Dark Fiber Community has been a valuable resource and Media Partner of the Fiber to the Home Council for many years,” stated Heather Gold, President, Fiber to the Home Council Americas. “We look forward to the DFC continuing to bring high visibility and drive awareness to our event series using their wide range of effective social media channels.”

Basic membership in the DFC is open to all companies involved in the development of communications network infrastructure at no cost. For companies that wish to enhance their profile in and knowledge of the industry the DFC offers multiple programs designed to create maximum engagement. Through both online and offline efforts, the DFC’s targeted branding and awareness programs offer members a variety of value-added features including; social media intelligence, interactive surveys, email campaigns, blogging, tagging, search and press release distribution to and through the entire member and user base as well as analytics and reporting on all features.

For more information on the Dark Fiber Community, please visit www.darkfibercommunity.com. To become a member of the Dark Fiber Community, click here.


About the Dark Fiber Community

The Dark Fiber Community (DFC) is an online resource for the global communications network infrastructure development industry. The DFC helps companies increase brand awareness, target messaging and acquire information to solve planning, construction, operations, network access and finance issues for those looking to build, buy and, or lease communications network infrastructure. By facilitating interactions between numerous providers of all aspects of physical network infrastructure with those that seek these services, the DFC is a platform for innovation to drive economic development growth. With hundreds of Members already represented and more being added, the Dark Fiber Community serves as a unified and evolving portal for access to current information, pricing and contacts within this industry. For more information, visit www.darkfibercommunity.com. Follow the Dark Fiber Community on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Jason Abrams

North 6th Agency, Inc. (for the Dark Fiber Community)



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Dark Fiber Community


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